My 3 all-time favourite songs!

Writing 101, Exercise 3! Yes, after a bit of a break, I decided that the time is ripe for getting back to Writing 101 seriously. Maybe we’ll stick to it this time around.. but of course, the exercise demands that I spend 15 minutes EVERYDAY writing, and we all know how we conveniently have “Life” as an excuse. I’m rambling; I’ll spend the 15 minutes today. We’ll think about tomorrow, well.. tomorrow!

For those who don’t know, writing exercises typically use prompts to get your thoughts flowing in one direction. Today’s prompt is: to write about my 3 most favourite songs, which mean a lot to me. So here we go..

1. Uyirum Neeye, from the movie Pavithra:

This is a beautiful melodious song composed in the raaga Kamaas, one of my absolute favourites. This song is from a movie in the early 1990s, and won the singer a national award. However, I don’t remember if it became particularly popular, since I was just a toddler at that time.The song is about an extremely moving topic: Motherhood.

You can listen to it here:

There is this beautiful line in the lyrics which goes:

Un Kannil Vazhiyum oru thuli podhum

Kadalum urugum thaaye

Translated, it means: Oh Mother, a single teardrop from your eyes is enough to make the ocean melt.

This line unerringly brings tears to my eyes every single time I listen to this song!  I randomly discovered it a few years back, and fell absolutely and completely in love with it! It has never left my playlist since.

2. London Thumakda, from the movie Queen:

It is the mother of all wedding songs, and never fails to spark a festive mood even on a dull and dreary day. The song doesn’t have particularly special lyrics (well, most of the lyrics are in Punjabi, so I wouldn’t know if they were special :P), but it works simply with a fantastic beat that uplifts my mood instantly.

You can find this song here:

It has been on my “Most played” folder ever since the movie released, and I can listen to it umpteen times, without ever getting bored! 😀

3. Get on the Floor by J Lo:

And this is the mother of all party songs! The one and only top song to make you get your groove on! It makes me start tapping my foot automatically, and makes me want to dance even when I’m down in the dumps! 3 years since this song was released, and I am yet to find another song that beats this when it comes to changing my mood from tired/sad/dull/depressed to happy and energetic within a second.

You can listen to this one here:

I hope you liked my list of all-time favs! Please do share yours with me; I’m always looking for new stuff! The comments section is open to one and all. 🙂

Toodles! 🙂


My eyes scan the crowd for you…

6 days of NaBloPoMo, and I’ve written only 4 posts! This is a lot harder than I thought it would be… but we won’t let that deter us! 🙂

So today, due to err.. the seemingly endless lack of ideas, I decided to take the help of prompts to write a post. The prompt is “By heart” – where you have to write about a poem or song lyrics that has stayed with you by heart, and why. Immediately, my ever-helpful brain threw a couple of lines at me and commanded that I write about them; so I am writing about two such lines p one from a song, and another from a poem.

So here goes- This is from a song called “Ennai Konjam Maatri”, from the Tamil movie “Kaakha Kaakha”. I love this song as a whole, but two lines have always stood out:

Kootathil ennai dhan

Un kangal thedanum

Endrellam ennum paithiyam aanene

To give a little bit of a background into this song, the guy and the girl are slowly falling in love with each other. They go on a small trip, and this song plays during that trip. They haven’t actually confessed their love for each other yet, but are secretly harbouring feelings for each other.

These lines are sung by the girl; they mean – “when in a crowd, I want your eyes to scan for me”.

And that, sums up love for me! Whenever I’ve ever been in love, I’ve always done this scanning for him in a crowd thing. I take it as one of the sure signs of love – of that special attraction which is far greater than a crush or infatuation. This song always evokes a powerful emotion in me, and is permanently in my all-time favourite playlist! 🙂


The other lines that have a permanent place in my heart are these, from Robert Frost’s poem “The Road Not taken”:

Two roads diverged in a yellow wood, and I –

I took the one less traveled by,

And that has made all the difference.

Being a rebellious and non-conforming person by nature, this poem practically describes my life. I am someone who is not afraid to take risks, who is not afraid to take the road less traveled by, and in every such instance, this has made a lot of difference to my life. Even now, whenever I am on such a precipice where I have to decide which path to go down, these are the lines that immediately come to mind and spur me to be brave and take the less traveled path – to not be scared of it just because few people have gone that route – to make history!

I can’t write poetry to save my life – but I can certainly collect such gems to treasure, and these are just two such lines that have left an everlasting impression on me! 🙂

Writer on the rocks.