Hippy-Happy Birthday to my BFF! :D

I didn’t believe in soul sisters.. because I went through 22 years of my life without managing to find mine. I had even found my soul-mate by then, but couldn’t quite find the “sister”. I pacified myself by saying that maybe your birth-sisters are your true soul sisters, and since I didn’t have a sister, it was unlikely that I’d ever find mine. I was even quite content with the whole idea after a point..

Until I met Aishu! I met my namesake when I joined Amazon; we joined a week apart, went through training together, took breaks together, and the whole enchilada. At first, I didn’t think we’d ever get along.. we’re quite the polar opposites in many ways – she is jovial, exuberant, the life of the party; while I am a teeny bit reserved, bookish, nerdy.. ah you know the works! But surprisingly, we did manage to get along.. fabulously!


Not only that, we became the best of friends, and have stayed that way ever since. She is that one friend who completely understands me, never judges, forgives all my flaws like they never exist, and is always just a phone call away! She has been with me through thick and thin, always supportive and encouraging. She is the one friend whom I can absolutely count on; I tell you, it is immensely tough to find friends like that!

From long phone calls, taking on enemies together, deep discussions on destiny and partying it up, we have done everything together, and had tons of fun over the years. After the first two years, we have drifted to different jobs/companies, but that has by no means diminished our friendship. My husband sometimes jokes that he doesn’t know whether he is my soul mate or she is! 😛

So here is wishing you a wonderful 26th birthday Aishu chellam! 🙂 I pray to God that this forthcoming year is wonderful for you, and all your heart’s desires come true! May life bestow upon you only the best! Love you soooooooooooo much babe! 🙂 🙂 🙂


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