It is that time again…

That time when  I am suddenly seized with a bout of reflection on how pathetically I am living my life. Bouts that come when I suddenly get enough time to actually reflect on my life. Bouts that come when I suddenly come across shared quotes on Facebook that talk about how you should live life to the fullest, and do what makes you happy.

Bouts that make me realise that I am not doing exactly that!

Yes, I am lazy like that.I somehow miraculously have time to check the Facebook newsfeed every day (and nowadays, I even manage to scroll through, and endlessly “heart” posts on Twitter), but I whine and whine inanely about not having time to blog, or pursue my passion for writing, like this mundane post.

Ah! I feel much better already; venting out in a public space is sometimes all you need. Okay, so I am going to stop now, and start doing something worthwhile, like revamping my life!


Writer on the rocks



3 thoughts on “It is that time again…

  1. Hey! I hate to be the self-promoting guy, but I legitimately wrote two articles on my blog about exactly what you’re describing and ways to overcome it.

    If you don’t have time to pop over and read them I can give you the abbreviated version: this will sound a little direct, but making a post like this is actually somewhat counter-productive. Your brain can’t tell the difference between talking about what you want and doing what you want. If that’s confusing, think about when you maybe tell your s/o all day that you’re tired of how your body looks and you’re going to start working out. You’re going to work out tonight even! YEAH! Feels really good to just say that and get it off your chest. The problem is exactly that, it does feel good. In fact, it feels so good that you’re now less likely to actually do something about it. Talking about it was reward enough.

    So the safer route is to keep it to yourself. If you’re frustrated that you haven’t been writing or working out, use the energy you were going to use to go find someone and talk about it to just write. You’ll train yourself that the only way to scratch the itch is actually doing what you want to do.

    Anyway, if you have time, I’ve got some other points that probably would apply to what you’re dealing with as well. These two posts in particular are the most relevant: and


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