Blogging 201!

So this has been an interesting week. After almost a year of completing Blogging 101, WordPress came up with Blogging 201, and of course I signed up!

I guess I usually keep ignoring my blog long enough for everyone to get ready for its cremation, before I suddenly buck and up write one post in a blue moon. I’ve been even lazier when it comes to reading and commenting on others’ posts.

Rather than just occasionally posting whatever comes to my mind, I’ve now been able to now set SMART goals for my blog (whoever thought a blog needs goals?), take a more thorough look at my statistics, and play around with the look and feel of my blog. It feels wonderful, it feels like my blog has got a new lease of life! 🙂


Blogging 201 is a two-week course; the first week has been awesome, and now watch out here for what the second week brings! 🙂


Writer on the rocks


It’s official!

There are more white hairs on my head than my age! At this rate, I may end up looking like Albert Einstein by the ripe age of 30. Well.. at ,east mine don’t linger at an unsightly grey. They go straight from black to light brown to a majestic gleaming silver. Some solace! Except, the gleaming silver makes them stand out more clearly against the head of otherwise black.

Add that to my over-maturity that (unfortunately) reflects on my face, people may soon start asking me whether I am my mom’s elder sister?! 😦 I am beginning to think that I may end up greying faster due to the sheer worrying about the rate of greying.

What all woes does a 26 year old have to go through?!


Writer on the rocks cusp of premature ageing 😥