A room with a view…

I enter my workplace at a strut, going through a narrow single door that leads to a narrow corridor. The corridor then opens into a large hall; I can’t wait to get to my place. 

As I walk to my cubicle that first day, I notice that the hall is white – but not overbearingly so. White walls, white desks, white lights running through the high ceiling that is covered with white plastic boards. But these are also mercifully interspersed with orange partitions between the employees’ workstations, various-colored felt boards (one for each department) that contain announcements and appreciations, personalised workstations that contain colorful idols, soft toys and memoirs, and lastly, the brilliantly colorful clothes of approximately 200 people who are at various stages of “opening their workshop” in the morning.

The soft, but not plush carpet muffles the clicking of my heels as I reach my own workstation. I say a bright ‘Hi!’ to my team, and get my computer started. This is my favourite part of the day! To have your mind organised, already mentally running through a list of things that need to get done that day, having a specific routine to get said things done.. the whole process surprisingly makes me calm and energized!

Because the best part of a workplace is that everything follows logic. There will be bad days, sure.. but even your problems can only be logical, and have a corresponding logical solution. Unlike home, where you have deal with a high range of emotions, all you have to do at work is think and act logically – manage time, and get things done! Sometimes, you may lose your way a little, but regrouping and getting back on track is never difficult. 

For a Type A personality like me, this is a bit of a catharsis; and that is why, I look forward to coming to office every day! 🙂 Also, it helps to have a fun team around who always make you laugh! 😀

Writing 101 – Part 2: To describe a place or a setting, and/or explain how that place makes you feel. This is what the post was about, in case you were wondering. I’m having a lot of fun with Writing 101, but at the same time, I’ve also realised that it is practically impossible to write every day, and so, I will be taking Writing 101 at my own pace!

So please hang around for more 🙂

Writer on the rocks.


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