Unlock the Mind!

Sometimes… just sometimes, this is sheer brilliance! One more episode of streak writing – the very first activity that we undertake as part of Writing 101. All we have to do is, write non-stop for 20 minutes. I don’t know what to write, there is no specific idea that is beautifully taking shape in my mind.. I can just let my fingers glide on the keyboard.

Except… except.

This is also one of the most difficult forms of writing, as I am figuring out right now. Because, as much as it is nice to not have to really think deeply about your sentences, once you start typing, you’re also going to most definitely run out of words at some point, out of sheer exhaustion if nothing else. Coherence obviously is a huge question. I think, for convenience’ sake, we can forget altogether about interesting and captivating.

But… But.

The fingers do flow smoothly over the keyboard, and I have a strange feeling that at the end of these 20 minutes, I might just find a few paragraphs that I can hit “Publish” after all. I’m also simultaneously scared that as soon as I pause, even for a tiny second, I will end up stopping altogether. It may just turn out to be one of the most difficult things to get my fingers back on the keyboard. Which is why, I have to keep going without even stopping to glance at the bottom-right corner of the screen every few seconds, no matter what.

Which is why, as the organisers of Writing 101 so brilliantly deduced, streak writing is most definitely one of the best forms of writing. Because.. since you have no time to think, you have no time to be inhibited, or to care about the audience. This is indeed an exercise in unlocking the mind, to just write from the heart, so that you can take a good look at what comes from you, in the most pressing of circumstances.

However, I should also say that 20 minutes is practically the perfect timeframe, because anything less isn’t really effective, and anything more would most certainly make me start blabbering! On that enlightened note, I now take note that this is the last minute of my allotted time, and so I am going to take this moment to thank one and all, and exit gracefully! 🙂


Writer on the rocks.


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