Travelogue part Quartre – Khajjiar

It has already been so long since I last blogged, that it has put a dent in my new year’s resolution of blogging at least once a week. Nevertheless, true to some of my other resolutions, I will now relentlessly plough forward with the last part of my vacation.

The final part of our vacation – was to Khajjiar, located some 24 kilometres from Dalhousie. Possibly the best part of our vacation, and the place we were most excited about, it was true to every last word we had heard about it! Well, what we had heard about it was that it is the Switzerland of India! 😀 Khajjiar is primarily a picturesque and vast glade surrounded by handsome deodar trees. The very first sight we had of this picturesque place was a huge clearing, covered with dewy grass part-way, and then with inch-deep snow for some expanse, which finally disappeared into a further area, dark due to the shade of the deodars, and covered with feet-deep snow.

DSCN0540There is no other word for it – it was breathtaking! Since one of our principal aims of this trip was to see snow, no prizes for guessing that we were delighted. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves, throwing snowballs at each other (just like the movies :P), making cute little snowmen, and last but never the least, taking about a million pictures (sample the narcissistic one above)! 😀 We pretended to be snow angels, tried to make snow rain on us, and what not! For one tiny moment there, I even pretended to be Elsa, the ice queen! 😛

We may have been the coldest we’ve ever felt in life, our hands were aching from the all the snowballs we held in our bare hands, but we didn’t mind in the least. We spent about 5 hours there, venturing into the dark parts with thicker snow.. and had the time of our lives. Our day at Khajjiar turned out to be officially one of the best days of my lives, and for once, I’m going to break my “I’d rather write 1000 words than show a picture” rule, and going to post a few photos here. 🙂


Thus ended our vacation with a bang! And after that magnificent day, we had to return home and carry on with our normal lives.. imagine that! 😦 The whole trip turned out to be one awesome memory, and if anything, it has taught me that life is indeed too short. Truthfully speaking, I have not travelled much so far. Your twenties is in fact the only time of your life when you have both the time and money to make such dreams come true.. and so you should!

On that philosophically happy note ends my travelogue series. Let’s hope I have more such travel experiences to write about in the near future. Until then, toodles! 🙂