2015 – Time to reboot!

It is the dawn of a brand new year! And for a typical type A personality like me, it is the time to revamp, reorganise, and make a whole set of super-organised lists, start writing in a fresh new diary etc. 2015 is no different – I’ve, as usual, vowed to read more, get healthier, be more organised (ahem!), work hard, party harder, travel more, and you know.. the whole enchilada!

However, I think one of my most important resolutions for the new year is to blog much more than I’ve been doing! 2014 was a good year for me in terms of blogging – no doubt! I started a brand new blog, wrote 38 posts in 9 months, participated in Blogging 101 (grand success! :), and partially participated in NaBloPoMo – before I gave up! 😦


However, writing has suddenly become a far more important part of my life and my future plans than it was until very recently. Blogging is no longer just something that I list under the “Interests” or “Hobbies” columns when I write my bio in a social networking site. I’ve come to realise that blogging is a much more fundamental form of expression that I use, than even I had realised before.

Therefore, no surprises – my goal is to blog at least one post a week. That means, around 50 posts for this year! Of course, I’m also eagerly waiting for Blogging 201 to start. I seem to need some form of accountability to actually stick to my blogging schedule! 😦 But as long as I can count on being able to draw inspiration from fellow bloggers around me, I’m sure I’ll be able to make time and blog more!

Even today, I read a number of posts in the blogs I follow, on how everyone wants to blog more regularly this year. So here is wishing everyone a fantastic blogging 2015! 🙂


Writer on the rocks.


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