2014 – The year of enlightenment

One last post for the year! I initially intended writing this post tomorrow.. but then a sudden stroke of insight told me that tomorrow onwards, I don’t want to remember much from the previous year. I want to take forward only the lessons.. not the memories themselves. Therefore, it wouldn’t do to reminisce tomorrow.. this post is best written today.

2014 was a very strange year – I call it the year of enlightenment, because it taught me a lot of things about myself! Nothing good per se happened. In fact, I was caught in the middle of a lot of bad things. But curiously, I don’t regret even one tiny thing that happened this year. And that is because, I learned a ton of things from the aforementioned happenings.

On the one hand, I learned what I am NOT comfortable with, and I learned that I seldom need to put up with something that doesn’t work for me. On the other hand, I learned what I CAN live without, and in the process, learned how to be strong. But the best lesson of this year has been that it has made me realise that I am tougher than even I imagined! Last, but never the least, I learned what I want in life, and how to get it! 🙂

However, I think the strangest part of the year came towards the end when I landed a new job – and strangely, after all these years, my instinct once again tells me that “I am home”! I still remember my first few months at Amazon, when I felt totally at home at my workplace – those were awesome memories! Ever since, I’ve been searching for that feeling, and at long last, I think I have found my niche! 😀


2015 – Bring it on! I’m hoping the “High” that has just begun, continues throughout the next year! So please be nice 😉

Wish you all a terrific new year! 🙂


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