Out of the Block! Thank Heavens!

I finally found a few days to put dera at my parents’ place – the awesome thing about this is that it gives me a few hours of complete “Me” time – where I can take a break from the endless responsibilities around the house, and focus on things that mean a lot to me – like blogging. Well.. that’s a lame excuse for being out of touch with the blogging world, and I know it!

But today, I’ve been truly inspired by Tyler who got married last week, but amazingly, found the time and inspiration to pen down posts in her blog amidst all the wedding preparations. Here is wishing a very happy married life to Tyler and Spencer. Also, this is a grave reminder for me that life is all about focusing on the things you love – and one thing that I swear never to stop is writing!

So this post is a quick update on what has been happening in my life during the past one month – for starters, I quit my job! 😀 After my endless whining about having to work the graveyard shift, and after a bout of ill health and further complications from that, I suddenly sat up one day and decided that it is time for me to prioritise!

So I began looking out for another job that fits my profile while at the same time follows a shift pattern that corresponds to IST (Indian Standard Time), and presto, by the grace of God, I did indeed land a job that fits that description and more! Luckily, I also got a short break between the two jobs, that I used for going on a short trip, and some relaxing at home!

So far so good! I start the new job shortly, and I plan on going on a makeover spree before that. Of late, I’ve been trying to revamp things a bit in my life – especially on the health and wellness front; but one of the most important things on my “revamp” list is my blog! I’ve found many sources of inspiration over the past few weeks – and now it is time to put them into action, and start writing earnestly.

Until the next time,
Writer on the rocks.


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