Destiny’s child!

This is what I am at my core – I am a Deist. I believe in a superior higher order, who is in control of everything that happens in life. I truly believe in Destiny or fate or whatever else it is called. I believe that the superior power always does things for a reason, and does what is best for us.

I can go on and on about this topic – but for a change, today, I’m NOT going to write long paragraphs explaining why I’m a Deist. That’s a post for some other day. But this post is a part of the Blogging 101 challenge – where we have to try a new posting style! Since I suck at visual representation, I figured I’d push myself and see what I make of it! Nothing fancy.. just a couple of quotes that represent what I believe in. 🙂


passionate - universe will help

This is only a representation of the overall belief – Destiny is certainly not a concept that can be explained easily. I have plenty of examples of destiny’s manifestations in my own life. And some day, I would love to write a lengthy ruminating post on it.

But until then,


Writer on the rocks.


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