Fact or fiction?

I swear, my computer is out to get me! Like I said earlier, first the Wi-fi conked off, and it took ages for the Airtel guys to fix it. And then when we finally got it working after 2 weeks, and I had barely posted an update that I’m continuing where I left off, my laptop’s touchpad went kaput! That took another week to fix, and so here I am, having fallen way behind in the Blogging 101 challenge. Never mind though, I’m still continuing exactly where I left off…

So this challenge is about making a daily prompt personal. I initially went to the Daily Prompts page with the idea of writing something based on today’s prompt – but then saw that it was about baseball, my knowledge of which is zilch. So I took a slight detour and went back to the prompt that was posted the same day that we were given this challenge. And I kinda hit the jackpot with this one, because it is about one of my favourite topics – Books! 😀 You can view the prompt here: The Great Divide

The question is, as you have already guessed from the title, whether I prefer reading fiction or non-fiction? For me, this is a no-brainer. I prefer fiction, hands down! The reason is simple; one of the reasons I read books is to lose myself into another world – to find an escape from reality. Non-fiction is way too close to reality!

Of course, there was a time in my childhood when I used to read anything and everything that was written or printed on paper. But as I grew up and read more and more, I started to gravitate towards the fictitious stories where a whole world of imagination and possibilities lay. The pure joy of losing myself into a different world, reading about descriptions of faraway lands, being able to imagine such things as magic wands and time turners, and most of all, that pang when I finish reading a book and am forced to come back to reality, the perpetual hunt for the next world that I can immerse myself in – is a heady and addictive combination.

It is also a combination that has made the single greatest ambition in my life – to get locked up in a library, and blissfully read book after book after book, without having to worry about such mundane things as eating and sleeping! 😀

I never made much of an effort to read non-fiction though; I just gave it up as a bad job after the first few tries! Even today, after having recently made myself start reading the kind of books that I usually don’t read – I still head straight for fiction – maybe from different ages, different authors and different styles, but fiction nevertheless. The “improving knowledge by reading fact” achievement remains blissfully locked! 😛

Until the next challenge,


Writer on the rocks.


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