Blogging 101 – Quickie Update!

No sooner did I write a post on how well I’ve committed to the Blogging 101 challenge, than some evil force jinxed it! The Wi-fi connection at my home conked off, and I’ve been off the grid these past 2 weeks. I do have a fully functional Wi-fi at work; but obviously, I am too busy at work to actually use it for any other purposes!

I’ve now fallen way behind in the Blogging 101 challenge! 😦 I have a backlog of around 12 assignments. But not one to give up, I am going to get going and clear that backlog! So starting tomorrow, you’re going to be seeing a lot of posts on this space, mostly the assignments of the past 2 weeks – one at a time!

Do not get confused.. just stand by me and support me in this endeavour, like you always do! 🙂

Until tomorrow,


Writer on the rocks.


2 thoughts on “Blogging 101 – Quickie Update!

  1. Yes, I too have fallen behind. I know how busy life can get and it certainly doesn’t help when your internet fails you! Hang in there and don’t give up. I have nominated you for the Lovely Blog Award. Please go to my blog page for the information.


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