Blogging 101 – Update!

So as you all know, I started Blogging 101’s course a couple of weeks back, and I’ve been having great fun with it!

From being a sporadic blogger who didn’t know how to go about being a more active part of the blogging community, I feel like I’ve already come a long way! I now have a fabulous, and very attractive theme, title, tagline, background, sidebar et all! (At least I think so!) 🙂 I have also written more than 5 posts in a span of less than two weeks.. which might easily be one of my biggest achievements so far! 😀 Oh! I completely forgot.. I now have 55 followers, and I’m also following a good number of blogs! 🙂

But I think my biggest takeaway from this is – I’ve learned that I actually have the ability to commit! Irrespective of how busy my days were, I’ve somehow managed to stay committed to this challenge – and completed all the assignments set by the Blogging 101 community. With that huge accomplishment, I’m only even more excited to see what the rest of this challenge brings! 🙂

Until next week,
With love,
Writer on the rocks.


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