I love my theme! :)

Blogging 101’s fifth challenge – love your blog’s theme. Try different ones and find one that you’d like. Even if you love your current theme, try different ones anyway to see if you like something better.

Boy, am I resistant to change! I love my current theme. I have “Adelle” by WordPress; I’ve customised it quite a bit to suit my tastes, and I didn’t intend changing it for about a hundred years. Before getting started on this challenge, my blog looked like this.


My motives while choosing a theme for my blog are fairly simple and straightforward – I want it to represent me! I don’t necessarily look for a picture in the blog header, or a particular font style to see if it matches my personality. I look for a lot of fundamental things, and look into how I can build it to suit me. And also, I always… always go for a 2-column theme. Because 1 column is too little, 3 columns are too much!

I chose “Adelle” because it was a 2-column theme, and because it had simple straight clean lines that gave a neat look. And also because it had a very mild shade of pink – in the header, in the fonts, and kind of everywhere – but that’s the thing.. you’ll never notice it unless you look for it. This shade of pink, I felt, represents me – it describes my femininity, while at the same time, conveys the fact that I am not just a woman – but a stronger person. The theme itself is rather simple, and I’ve had to tweak it a bit to get the right effect, but still it was very tweakable, and that made my job doubly easy! 🙂

So this challenge definitely made me uneasy. Mostly because WordPress doesn’t have a “Preview” feature, where you can see how your blog looks like in that particular theme, and then accept it or reject it. You will have to actually activate the theme for your blog, and then if you don’t like it, you have to reactivate the original theme, and customise it from scratch.

But I braved it! One of the life lessons I’m learning of late is that I can never just be in my comfort zone. That is not how life works. You have to try out new things, take some risks, see what life pops at you. Anyway, after all that unnecessary philosophical connotations, I got back to the simple task of choosing a different theme for my blog. I followed Blogging 101’s tips, and tried one that I liked, and at least two that I wasn’t really drawn to.

This one I liked immediately, because of it’s simple and colorful look. But then I realised that it is very similar to my current theme, but it just wasn’t the right fit. When you know, you know!


This one is all black! I like black as a color – but I hate white text on a black background. Nevertheless, I tried this one anyway, just to see of it might change my mind. But nope.. if this is how my blog looks, I won’t read it myself!


Lastly, I wanted to REALLY get out of my comfort zone; so I tried one with multiple columns. Gahhhh! Worst.idea.ever!


Anyway, after these experiments, I looked at other blog themes, but nothing really caught my eye. And then I realised that 99% of the time, blog themes need to be customised in order to really speak to us. The WordPress themes are generic, and hope to appeal to multitudes of people. They’re a lot like life.. you come across lots of people or situations that are bad, or just okay. But you go through them and customise your attitude towards each person or situation – in such a way that it favours you! 🙂

So I went back to my current Adelle theme. It works for me because I’ve customised it to a great extent – I’ve retained the layout and the pink, but I’ve included an image in the header that represents a strong woman, and also put a glass of wine in her hand to match my blog title! 😀 I also added an image of myself with a background full of greenery, to provide that burst of freshness against the pastel shades. I even changed the font to one that I like!

So there it is.. I love my blog’s title and tagline, and I love my theme. They’re perfect as they are, at least for now! The future may bring winds of change, but we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it! 🙂

Until the next challenge,


Writer on the rocks.


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