For my daughter.. 20 years hence..

Today, we’re on to Blogging 101’s fourth challenge – to write a post for your dream reader (that one person whom you secretly wish reads your blog and appreciates it). 4 days into the challenge – and I’m already feeling challenged! I thought this one out for a long time.. so long that I panicked that I won’t end up having time to actually write the post. I thought of a lot of people for whom I wanted to write this post – but I had a little to say to each of them, but not very much to any one person in particular.

Like I said before, I am not a big sucker for being an “open” person. I find it difficult to wear my heart on sleeve. So writing a post for my daughter here on a public forum is going to be a wholly new experience for me! 🙂

So to begin with, my daughter doesn’t exist.. yet. I am hoping that someday in the future when I have a child, it will be a girl. I fully intend naming her Ishaanvi. Also, please note that I’m assuming that she will take after me, and not her dad so much. Because, let’s face it.. I want her to write; I want to read her blog one day! 🙂 So, this post may be a little subjective, since I’m assuming she will be a lot like me.

This is not going to be a letter to her, because then that would mean she HAS to read it. I want her to come across my blog accidentally, and read, and be inspired, and realise that I’m the coolest mother on the planet! 😛 No, this post is going to be a page in the journal of her 25 year old mother.

18 de Septiembre de 2014

Today was a fantabulous day! 😀 Mainly because.. a good friend of mine actually mentioned me in the acknowledgement section of his Ph.D thesis, as having helped him from afar, and indirectly. Very few things in life remind us that we actually live, and don’t just exist. Making an impact on someone without even realising it is one such thing. He made my day! 🙂

Among the more brilliant highlights of my life right now, came a profound realisation that at heart, I am a deeply spiritual person. I woke up one day and suddenly realised that I’m getting a lot from life, but I’m not giving anything back.I felt mortified, and cheap, and disgusted. Maybe I’m becoming old, but this is a point of no return. I can’t go back to not doing anything for the world, for life. And so after much intent introspection, I decided that the one cause I’m passionate about is female education. So I now donate a small amount every month to the CRY foundation.

Also, on a related tangent, I am in love with Dr. Gregory House.. I’ve already been in love with Dr. Meredith Grey for a couple of years now. Watching 2 hours of medical dramas a day can have some serious psychological impact on you. Which is probably what made me pledge my organs for donation after death, myopic eyesight notwithstanding.

I also blog regularly now.. almost one post every day, thanks to this new course cum challenge I discovered – Blogging 101. I get this insane surge of endorphins when I put pen on paper, or in this case, fingers on keyboard. I am going off on a tangent here again – these endorphins make me wonder what the hell I’m doing with my life?

I am happiest when I write – so why am I not writing more?

I am even happier when I am learning a language – so why I am not doing that?

My life’s ambition is to get locked up in a library, and survive on a diet of books –  then what in the world am I doing in a small suburb called Madipakkam in India, trying to write this post, while at the same time, trying to figure out how to make a tomato sabzi in the back of my head?

Society? Peer pressure? Too many nay-sayers? People who try and dictate that I should live my life within the confines of a social norm? No, I am one of those lucky modern 21st century women, who is highly independent and a bit of feminist – qualities that go really well together.  I have the power to act. The question now is why am I NOT acting the way I want.

25 is not too late.. for change! One day, maybe a few years down the line, I want to look back on this moment as my moment of epiphany! Now that I’ve realised what I want to do, I never want to look back and realise that I’ve made the exact same mistake all over again!

One of the most inspirational quotes I came across recently:


To a new tomorrow,

With love,

Writer on the rocks


9 thoughts on “For my daughter.. 20 years hence..

  1. I LOVE Greg House – and find his friendship with Wilson particularly fascinating. House himself – pardon me for the narcissism – reminds of myself. He and I both do our best when miserable. 😀


  2. Iyshu,

    Of course I saw the reference. I just wanted to reply to it in a clever way; which I couldn’t in my earlier comment because I typed it from my phone while waiting for a film to begin.

    Anyway… all that I want to say is: if being part of a friend’s PhD Acknowledgements made your day, that it made your day made his day. 🙂 😀

    I would probably have been “crazy” about House, too, had the series in question been British. That, of course, is just an incorrigible pet peeve.


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