Hola Neighbour! How are ya? :)

So today is Blogging 101’s third challenge – follow 5 topics in Reader, and follow 5 fellow bloggers!

I had a really great time today, looking for topics that I love reading about, and also skimming through many blogs, some of which engaged me so much that I rather forgot that I am supposed to stop reading that one at least temporarily, so that I can also look for other such blogs!

You’d think this is a fairly simple task, since there is so much variety and choice! But what I realized today is – every single blog and/or blogger has something unique to offer. With every blog that I came across today, I could think of a 100 reasons to follow, but not a single reason to NOT follow. I was spoilt for choice; however, the challenge gives a number for a reason, and I say out of experience that an inundated Reader will only make you lose interest in reading. It is much better to follow and read 5 blogs regularly, than follow 20 but not find time to read any of them.

Therefore, I followed these 5 blogs today:

1.Harsh Reality:


Because this opinionated man has a lot of opinions that are very similar to mine. Because he writes about issues that one has to identify with, to understand them. And he makes us identify with them. I am proud of being the 44,747th person to follow this guy! 🙂

2. Call me mom:


Because she writes a lot of impromptu stuff, and also because she is like me – trying to find herself in the middle of many things, and in her case, parenting.

3. House and Home:


Because she writes about managing our home effectively and other useful life-hack tips, that a 20-something married career woman who calls herself an awesome multitask-er, but really isn’t, like me, desperately needs! 😛

4. Oh The Places you’ll go:


Because I started reading her blog and couldn’t stop. Oh! and because she lives in Spain! 😀

5. Learning to thrive in 1455:


Because one quick skim of her blog, and I immediately identified myself with her. Because she seems a lot like me! 🙂

Well, I guess that tells us that I like reading blogs written by women, and people whom I identify with, on a personal level.

Next, the 5 topics I followed today – I didn’t actually think too much for this; I opened the “Explore” option in Reader, did a quick scan, took a minute to think about which topics I am passionate about, and have long nurtured a passive interest in. And then I followed the below 5:

1. Books

2. Culture.

3. Religion

4. Spirituality

5. History.

I also searched in vain for tags called “Language” and “Mythology”, but drew a blank. The topics are self-explanatory, and say a lot about me, I suppose! 🙂 Blogging involves a lot of “opening up” about yourself. I am not someone who wears my heart on sleeve, but I am learning to, day by day!

Until tomorrow,


Writer on the rocks.


5 thoughts on “Hola Neighbour! How are ya? :)

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    I really think the things being taught by the Blogging 101 group are great! Thanks for taking part and also for the shout out! I wish you the best with your blogging the rest of this year and I hope you don’t mind the reblog! -OM
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