Writer on the rocks – My weekly glass of Vodka

Blogging 101’s second challenge – is to change our blog’s title and tagline, or stick to the existing one and explain why it is awesome!

My blog’s title “Writer on the rocks” doesn’t have any profound meaning, but I love it all the same. πŸ™‚ I basically wanted something really funky – and didn’t think too much before coming up with one. My title and tagline can be summed up in a few thoughts:

I wanted to stay away from all the usual cliched synonyms of communicating – ranting, rambling, thoughts, voices and the like. I just wanted to write – so the title communicates that I consider myself a writer.

Also, I started this blog just a few weeks before I turned 25, when I was going through a quarter-life crisis. Amidst feeling ancient, stuck in a rut, and realising just how much time I’ve wasted in life, I wanted my blog’s title to reflect my newfound inspiration to live life to the fullest, and also wanted something to indicate just how “young” I was feeling! Hence, the reference to a Martini πŸ˜›

An alcoholic drink may or may not convey those meanings for everyone, but most women in India don’t drink – alcohol practically represnts the word “forbidden” in our dictionary. Hence, a reference to a glass of martini is my way of saying that I’m yearning for some freedom to shape my life the way I want. Yeah, turning 25 can do that to you! 😦

I think I kind of hit the jackpot with this title, because “Writer on the rocks” has a really nice ring to it. Literally, it conveys pretty much nothing, but figuratively, it conveys a lot about me, I think. πŸ™‚

And my blog’s tag line doesn’t exactly mean anything either – I added the tagline as “My weekly glass of Vodka”, because 1. I was planning to write at least, and approximately one post a week, and 2. I wanted to retain a reference to “On the rocks”, so that the title and tagline seem connected to each other.

And there you go, my blog is titled “Writer on the rocks – My weekly glass of Vodka”. I don’t intend changing it anytime soon! πŸ˜€

Until tomorrow,
Writer on the rocks.


6 thoughts on “Writer on the rocks – My weekly glass of Vodka

  1. Love this post, and the name/tagline of your blog; very creative! This post was very inspiring to me, definitely made me think about a few things, especially the reason why I started my blog. So thank you, I will be following:)


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