Who am I? And why am I here?

I know that the title sounds all metaphysical, as if I am suddenly introspecting and asking deep questions about life. How I wish! As it turns out, there is nothing metaphysical about all this. I finally decided that I want to do something meaningful in life (meaningful here refers to “doing something I want”) – like continuing to learn Spanish, becoming a better cook, travelling the world, zumba-ing my way to fitness etc.

One of the things in this list is “Becoming a better and more active blogger”. I’ve been a sporadic blogger for a long time now, and chalk up my laziness to “writer’s block” far too frequently for my own good. So I decided that one of the first things that I want to do as part of revamping my life is to become a better blogger. After all, nothing like acting on your passions to make life a hundred times more joyful.

I’ve previously tried setting a goal for myself – “to blog at least one post a week”. It didn’t work. There was no accountability to anyone, and it was only too easy to convince myself that I have other important things to do, or that I really have nothing to write. I recently came across Blogging101 and Writing101 – free courses that give us bite sized challenges and help us slowly develop our skills and build a good blog. I signed up immedately, and the challenge starts today! 😀

So the first challenge is to introduce ourselves to the blogging community.. and here I go! 🙂

I am Iyshwarya, from Palakkad, India. I don many hats – Corporate woman in one of the best consulting firms in the world, married to the love of my life for the past 3 years (and still going strong!), a traditional 20-something from an orthodox Brahmin family, vodka-lover, coffee-hater, writer, blogger, avid reader of books, passionate learner of languages, love anything to do with history and mythology and Oh! I’m looking to make a mark in this world.

I’m sorry that sounded more like a Twitter bio than a formal introduction, but that is me in a nutshell. Out of the many hats I don, I’m most proud of my ability to write. Not to boast, but since this post is all about my foray into blogging, I’m going to take some liberties. 🙂

I have been a voracious reader since a very young age – I get engrossed in a simple pamphlet or basically any written page that I can lay hands on, and promptly become oblivious to everything around me. Maybe because of that, or maybe because of my innate affinity towards languages, I’ve developed a good grasp of the English language over the years.

As I grew older, I continued to be fascinated by the written word – and hoped to write like that myself one day. I then took up a Journalism course in Undergraduation, and learned a lot about newspaper and magazine writing. It was around this time that I started my very first blog – and filled it with day-to-day stuff that I came across, ranted, rambled and so on, growing as a writer with each post.

I blogged on an off over the past 7 years, served as a part of my department editorial teams in college, and generally kept in touch with writing over the years, until now, at 25, I had an epiphany that writing is something that I want to do seriously.. like maybe “write a book someday” seriously!

And thus my new and current blog was born – I am a sucker for new leaves, fresh turns and perfectionism. I now attempt to write seriously with every post.. I even tried my hand at fiction once. My blog doesn’t have a specific theme or a purpose. I aim to write anything and everything that comes to my mind. My focus is more on the writing itself, rather than the subject. When I write a post, I want to research it well, write it cohesively, improve my language skills, convey more in fewer words, and so on.

I would also like to write on a variety of topics to experiment and find out what kind of topics I’m most comfortable with. And of course, who wouldn’t say no to a bit of popularity? I would definitely like my blog to become interesting and famous! 😛

And last but never the least (my aim is also to avoid using such cliches :P), I have made a lot of good friends through my blog over the years. I am really looking forward to making a lot of friends through Blogging101, as fellow writers are the best critics, and one of the best things in life is to have people that you can share your passion with! 🙂

Until we meet again,


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