The Book reading challenge!

So after years of avid reading which descended into months of no reading, which then graduated to weeks of sporadic reading.. I’ve now decided to graduate further to full-blown avid reading once again.

I fondly remember times when I used to read anything and everything I laid eyes on.. much like Hermione Granger you might say. But those are old memories, and now all I can think of is bitter thoughts of how I am no longer able to read like that. Anyhoo, I decided it’s time to throw out the mopey face and make fresh reading memories again!

I signed up for a Goodreads account at last, and well.. I have an Amazon/Kindle account already. So I’ve now signed up for the 2014 book reading challenge in Goodreads. It allows you to set a number – how many books you would like to finish reading before the end of this year? I’ve set a goal of 12 books from July to December – you know, at the rate of 2 books a month. I can read more.. but well.. I’m more of a realistic-goal-setting-person! 😛

I intend reading a lot of Classics this year, so I may not be posting any reviews; but I will most certainly keep you updated as and when I finish a book.

Now wish me luck! 🙂


2 thoughts on “The Book reading challenge!

  1. Good luck with the reading, Iyshu! Classics are the best. Every time one reads them, one gets to experience a flavour one didn’t get to experience the last time (or so I personally feel).


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