Head over high heels – A review…


It has been a while since I picked up a book.. and didn’t put it down until I finished reading it. ‘Head Over High Heels” by author Marley Gibson is one such book – although not from start to finish. The book starts with a relatively slow pace, defining the characters and their lives, and then picks up a whirlwind pace somewhere around the middle, keeping you completely hooked!

Let me warn you right at the beginning – this is pure chick literature. Admittedly, one of my favourite genres. Also, apparently I’ve reached that dangerously awesome level of freedom where I don’t care what people think of Chick-lit being my favourite genre! 🙂 Anyway, getting back to the book..

The storyline goes thus – small town girl (Irina Jeffries) has an ordinary job, a perfect best friend (Fernanda Lopez), a gorgeous guy walks into her life and sweeps her off her feet. But she herself is gorgeous too, and is spotted by a fashion agent to do some big-time modelling. She wants to give it a shot, make some quick bucks and get back to her life.. and man. But a tad predictably, she gets caught up in the fantasy. Her attitude changes. Sounds familiar? It most definitely will.. if you’ve watched the Hindi movie “Fashion” that released in 2008 and starred Priyanka Chopra. Because they’re basically one and the same 😛 If you’ve read/watched ‘The Devil wears Prada’, this will sound familiar too…

I would say the movie was copied from the book – but the book seems to have been released sometime around 2013.. so that is impossible. However, since I’ve already watched the movie, the book became far too predictable for me. I do realize that if I hadn’t watched the movie earlier, I would be even more ignorant about the fashion world than I already am, and hence, the book might have been even more interesting.

Nevertheless, there are plenty of good things about the book. What I liked was:

1. The Hero – Pablo Andrews – Spanish hunk. Too perfect a guy. ‘Nuff said 😀

2. Although the story is predictable, the characters and their reactions still keep you hooked. They’ve been defined well.

3. Marley knows how to keep you on tenterhooks by finishing each chapter in such a way that you want to continue on to the next immediately.

4. Glamour. The clothes and the heels.. New York and Paris. My favourite indulgences and cities all clubbed into one book.

5. All the Spanish – The story is basically set in Miami, Florida + the best friend and the heroine’s boyfriend are Cuban/Spanish. So the book naturally contains a bit of Spanish here and there for authenticity. I loved reading them without needing translation 😀

What I didn’t like were few and far in between:

1. The book doesn’t build up gradually – has a conflict – and flows towards a logical ending, like most books and movies do. The characters are built up slowly, then suddenly you’re in New York, then Paris.. and before you know it, the book is already over.

2. The climax was a bit hurried, like the author got tired of the characters and just wanted to get it over with.

3. Adding on to Point number 1 in “What I liked”, the hero was too perfect. He simply continues to be in love with the protagonist, despite how out of control she gets. That simply doesn’t happen in real life! I personally would have loved to see Ira go through a bit of sacrifice and struggle to realise the true meaning of love and get her guy back.

4. The Spanish sounded oh-so-forced! ‘Primo/Prima” means “cousin”. But you just don’t go about calling your cousin “Primo..!” You call people by their names right?

Anyway, so I gave the book 4 stars in Amazon. I bought it when it was free, and read it on Kindle. If you would like to read either the paperback or Kindle edition, you can get them here: http://www.amazon.in/dp/B00GSRFCNE

For all the pluses and minuses above, I would certainly read more books by Marley Gibson. No doubt there! And I’ve already downloaded more books on Kindle, and now am off to read the next one! 🙂 But more on that later..

Ciao! 🙂