To believe or not believe?

That is the question! My circle of friends have a balanced mix of theists, atheists, and agnostics. I love the fact that everyone of this age is able to think, understand and clearly state their beliefs. Having such an eclectic group gives opportunities for interesting discussions, and understanding points of view other than your own.

As much as I respect everyone’s religious and spiritual beliefs, I however am a staunch theist. I wouldn’t say I am a staunch Hindu, as I don’t believe in religion and caste. However, I definitely believe in God. My principles and way of life are based on the beliefs that everything in life is pre-destined, God has a plan for everyone, He doesn’t make anything happen without a reason… In short, my life’s motto is “Keep Calm and Pray to Ummaachi!”

Today, my husband has fallen sick, with a temporary illness (nothing too serious). Although that causes a lot of discomfort to him, and has put a stopper on some of our important plans for the next couple of weeks, neither of us are perturbed in the least. Because we both strongly believe that God wouldn’t have put is in this situation unless he had an excellent reason to do so! Now, in times of trouble, I realise all the more just how strong that belief is rooted in me.

I would like to write a lengthy post someday on the workings of God in detail; but today is not that day, since for all my beliefs, I am far too inexperienced in spiritual matters to be able to explain them satisfactorily to anyone.

Ciao! 🙂


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