Starting with a Spanish word seems like just the good luck charm I need.. to start over, and consistently and actively sustain a blog.

Friends have told me that I should take up writing more seriously; but up until now, I’ve never seriously considered it. Now, though, it no longer seems like such a bad idea.

I’ve recently become a part of the editorial team at my office (We publish a newsletter once every two months), and every time I research and write for that article, I wonder how it would be, if I could just write for a living. I know I would enjoy every moment of it, but then I also have my doubts – What would I do when that ugly writer’s block rears its head?

Now that I’m writing reasonably regularly on “some” platform, it is definitely time to try harder here in the blog space. I’m turning 25 in a few short weeks, and it is time to make that bucket list. And the first item in that list is going to be “Write 50 posts before the end of 2014”.. or well.. something along those lines.

Since Post No. 1 is already done and dusted, I am now going to while away my time deciding a special gift that I want to get myself for my 25th birthday.

On that vain note, Ciao! 🙂

P.S: Voila! I should end my posts with a Spanish word too! 😛


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